Fostering Social Safety

These days it’s hard to go 30 minutes without checking our phones, reading our emails or checking into our favorite social networks to see what’s going on with our loved ones. Our world has become digitized, which is awesome! There’s nothing like growth and innovation!

Unfortunately, living in a digital world can prove hard for a foster or adoptive parent. We have to consciously think about how much is too much to share? Does the agency allow me/my child to post photos? Will the birth family try to contact my child through social media? It’s almost like we have to retrain ourselves to hold back. Suddenly, social networking isn’t something we are carefree about. It becomes intentional.

So when is the right time? There really is no solid answer to this question. In my opinion, it boils down to your child. How mature and responsible is he/she? Have you had the talk about social media do’s and don’ts and do you feel your child is ready? If you’re a foster parent there’s another layer to all of this. How does the state feel about social media?

A caseworker once told me that a general rule of thumb for parents is no social media pictures until your child has been officially adopted. What do you think? Any first hand accounts on this issue?

Author – Simone Jennings (@simonejennings)

Published in Adoption, Foster Care, Technology