How to prepare for your homestudy!

I’ll spare you all the details on how I drove myself crazy before my first visit with my caseworker. I promise we’d be here all day. What I did learn through the homestudy process is that it pays to be prepared. A little research and a steady pace go a long way. Here’s a few suggestions on how to not lose your mind when preparing for a homestudy.

  1. Create a to-do list – What things must be completed before your caseworker arrives?
  2. Give yourself a week or two to get everything completed – Set up a reasonable time frame to complete all your tasks. Starting earlier will help you with feelings of anxiety and stress.
  3. Choose one item on your list to complete everyday – Small steps forward everyday may prove better than trying to spend an entire weekend getting through your to-do list.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Tackle your larger items first and if you don’t get to the small stuff, don’t sweat it. Your caseworker is likely to look over the dirty laundry in the bin and a few dishes in the sink.
  5. Do a walk through the night before – The night before your caseworker arrives, be sure to do a walk through of your home to ensure the most important items on your list weren’t overlooked.
  6. If you wouldn’t want a child to touch it, your caseworker probably won’t want it within a child’s reach.
  7. Think about what kind of parent you want to be, what important people will be in your child’s life and what you imagine those relationships looking like.
  8. Don’t overthink your answers – Be as natural as possible.

For a FREE checklist of documents and home prep suggestions and a task manager worksheet, feel free to download our homestudy companion guide.

Author – Simone Jennings (@simonejennings)

Published in Adoption, Foster Care, Lifestyle