What I learned from the Arizona mountains!

First of all, if you’ve never been to Sedona I encourage everyone to go. If you’re not a wannabe yogi like me, then go for the scenery, fresh air and wineries. There’s a spirit about Sedona that I can’t even explain. My time there was truly special and was completely focused on self awareness (and maybe just a little retail therapy lol). In fact, it’s where I made my final decision to start my adoption process. A story for another day 🙂

Some things that my time in Sedona taught me are:

  1. Community is so important – I went to see an amazing artist perform. He was a local musician, but the venue was packed to the point where people had to stand. At least half the crowd were personal friends and acquaintances who paid their way in just to support him. The feeling of love that filled that room was awesome.
  2. Time is a human “thing” – Listen, I appreciate time just as much as the next woman. It’s a necessity. But, Sedona also taught me that time has to stand still sometimes. We have to take moments to be in the present. Be here and now without rushing or thinking about what’s to come.
  3. The elements are important – I’ve never smelt as fresh of air or tasted as clean of water as I did on my Sedona vacation. The earthly elements are important not only to our world, but to our body.
  4. Have an open mind – I consider myself to be very open. I enjoy trying new things and learning about different cultures. Sedona inspires you to come in with an open heart and mind. It is very holistic and spiritual. I found that even if you find yourself sharing different belief systems, you will learn so much just by being there and leave inspired in some form or another.

I absolutely plan to go back and take my children to Sedona in the future. What are some other places you feel drawn to or inspired by? Any places you wish to experience with your children?

Author – Simone Jennings (@simonejennings)

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